Spaceopal attends the 2019 Munich Satellite Navigation Summit

Spaceopal attends the 2019 Munich Satellite Navigation Summit
25.03.2019 spaceopal-GmbH

Spaceopal attends the 2019 Munich Satellite Navigation Summit

Spaceopal takes part in the 2019 Munich Satellite Navigation Summit, that will be held from March 25 to  27,  at the Alte Kongresshalle in Munich (Germany). The event, dedicated to the new applications and services in the field of satellite navigation, is organized by the Institute of Space Technology and Space Applications (ISTA) of the Bundeswehr University Munich.

Sapceopal is proud to be a Platinum Sponsor of the 2019 summit, and during the dedicated session the Manging Director of Spaceopal Andrè Bauerhin will outline the main activities developed in satellite navigation field and in the Galileo Program, the European Satellite Navigation System accessible worldwide.

The company is also present in the exhibition area  of the Summit, showing its Satellite Navigation  Services and Products: The well-known Navcast Service  and the new service element called Ionolab.

Navcast is Spaceopal’s GNSS augmentation service for Galileo and GPS with worldwide coverage and easy access via internet. Based on RETICLE algorithm, developed by DLR, its augmentation message improves the user accuracy down to decimeter level, making the difference for a large number of applications.

Navcast gathers information from a worldwide network of sensor stations and uses a high-hand centralized processing based on a PPP (Precise Point Positioning) technique capable to remove or model GNSS system errors. Its augmentation message is broadcasted over the internet to registered users. Navcast service is currently in a beta-release and is accessible via the Spaceopal website for free.

In addition, with the purpose to enhance its positioning augmentation services, Spaceopal is also launching the new service IONOLAB, based on the Telespazio Ionosphere Monitoring Platform, to deliver high accuracy ionospheric augmentation data and increase the accuracy of GNSS performances.

Spaceopal committed to creating a wide range of applications and services based on GNSS, is developing and disseminating innovative services for multiple sectors: Self-driving vehicles, agriculture optimization, preservation of cultural heritage, emergency service

Everyday Spaceopal’s support Europe in the objective to guarantee the most widespread adoption of Galileo.