NAVCAST, high accuracy reached by all

Spaceopal GmbH launched in October 2018 its GNSS High Accuracy positioning enhancement prototype service NAVCAST, used to remove Galileo and GPS system errors in the context of Precise Point Positioning (PPP) techniques.

PPP techniques allow centimeter-level positioning applications without additional raw measurements from local reference stations. PPP denotes absolute (i.e. non-differential, phase ambiguity resolving) positioning techniques based on precise satellite orbit and clock information. Most of the PPP techniques combine dual frequency code and phase observations to come up in positioning accuracies at centimeter level. The precision of the satellite orbit and clock information drives the achievable positioning accuracy and convergence time at user level. NAVCAST enables PPP.

NAVCAST retrieves observation from more than one hundred global Galileo and GPS receivers and provides Galileo and GPS real time orbit and clock corrections based on the RETICLE algorithm developed by the German Aerospace Centre. Corrections are coded in RTCM 3 format and delivered over the Internet using NTRIP 2.0. NAVCAST supports Galileo E1, E5a and E5b and GPS L1 and L2.

NAVCAST users need a NTRIP client and a PPP engine. A NTRIP client is a software element used to connect to NTRIP caster and receive NTRIP streams. A PPP engine is a software element that brings the algorithms required to use clock and orbit corrections on top of user’s Galileo and/or GPS raw measurements to improve the position accuracy.

For additional information, please contact NAVCAST team.