Spaceopal GmbH launches its GNSS High Accuracy Positioning Enhancement Prototype Service NAVCAST. NAVCAST provides Galileo and GPS real time orbit and clock corrections based on the RETICLE algorithm developed by the German Aerospace Centre in the context of Precise Point Positioning (PPP). Observation data are retrieved from a global Galileo and GPS network via NTRIP.

Spaceopal GmbH shows on this website the accuracy levels and convergence times achievable using NAVCAST corrections combined with a PPP engine. The PPP engine (dual frequency, ionosphere free observations) estimates the local troposphere delays and fixes the carrier phase integer ambiguities. The data used for visualization was recorded on October 18th 2018.

NAVCAST services are attractive for centimeter-level positioning applications and do not require additional raw measurements from local reference stations.

Apply here to get your account to access the real time correction data stream on NAVCAST.

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