Ionospheric corrections

Ionospheric corrections in the NAVCAST messages

Atmospheric effects are well-known sources disturbing the GNSS based positioning solutions at user level. In particular, the solar and ionospheric activity strongly impacts the signal in space and performance levels experienced by user applications. In some cases, the effects lead to GNSS services outages in certain regions, even for long periods.

In order to further facilitate rapid and precise GNSS positioning for Galileo and GPS, Spaceopal will add accurate ionospheric augmentation data and variance maps for high precision applications to be distributed via NAVCAST.

These additional correction data are based on Telespazio’s space weather monitoring solution – IONOLAB. While we integrate the ionospheric corrections in the NAVCAST message, you can start benefitting from IONOLAB products through the real time iono-maps published in our website. Access to the ionospheric files is also available for all NAVCAST registered users.