What is NAVCAST?
NAVCAST is the GNSS High Accuracy Positioning Enhancement Prototype Service developed by Spaceopal.

What does NAVCAST provide?
NAVCAST provides GNSS orbit and clock corrections based on the RETICLE algorithm developed by the German Aerospace Centre.

How GNSS high accuracy is achieved using NAVCAST?
NAVCAST real-time orbit and clock corrections are used to remove GNSS system errors in the context of Precise Point Positioning (PPP) techniques.

Which signals does NAVCAST support?
NAVCAST supports Galileo E1, E5a and E5b and GPS L1 and L2.

Which datum are NAVCAST corrections referenced to?
NAVCAST corrections are referenced to ITRF2014. After corrections are applied, the user’s position is referenced to ITRF2014 as well.

Are NAVCAST clock corrections referenced to Center of Mass or Antenna Phase Center?
Both, NAVCAST provides orbit corrections and clock corrections referenced to satellite antenna phase center and satellite center of mass.

How does NAVCAST deliver the corrections?
NAVCAST corrections are delivered over the Internet using Networked Transport of RTCM via Internet Protocol, NTRIP 2.0.

What are the corrections update rate and format?
Orbit corrections update rate is 30 seconds and format is RTCM 3.3. Clock corrections update rate is five seconds and format is RTCM 3.1.

What do I need to use NAVCAST?
Besides an internet connection and Galileo and/or GPS raw measurements, NAVCAST users need a NTRIP client and a PPP engine.

What is a NTRIP client?
A NTRIP client is a software element used to connect to NTRIP caster and receive NTRIP streams. A NTRIP client and installation guide can be found here.

What is a PPP engine?
A PPP engine is a software element that brings the algorithms required to use clock and orbit corrections together with Galileo and GPS raw measurements. The GNSS errors are corrected and the position accuracy is enhanced.

Is my receiver compatible with NAVCAST?
Please, contact NAVCAST team indicating the brand and model of your receiver.

Where can I use NAVCAST?
NAVCAST is available worldwide.

What is the typical NAVCAST accuracy?
NAVCAST typical accuracy is in the centimeter level in the horizontal and vertical plane.

What applications do NAVCAST enable?
NAVCAST is used in applications such as navigation, surveying, machine guidance, sensor geo-referencing, scientific geodesy and others.

Can NAVCAST be used for kinematic applications?
Yes, NAVCAST is used for a handful of kinematic applications.

How I can contact NAVCAST?
For any matter related to NAVCAST, please contact NAVCAST team.