Phase and Code Bias

Two new functionalities are included in the NAVCAST core processor: Code and Phase biases. The code biases allows satellite clock offset information, determined from a specific set of signals and frequencies, to be translated to other set of frequencies tracked by the receiver. The phase bias fastens the ambiguity fix and users can obtain the ultimate accuracy within the shortest period of time.

The test performed with the newly available NAVCAST core processors for code biases (DCB) show accuracy (1 sigma) better than 10cm (0.33ns) when compared to IGS reference products (DLRMGX and CASMGX). The comparison between the two references is also in the same range as NAVCAST:

NAVCAST phase bias processor was confronted to similar tests. The ionospheric free linear combinations of the phase biases have been compared with a reference phase bias solution obtained with a larger network since no accepted references are available for phase biases. Results show that the phase biases accuracy (1 sigma) are below 0.5 cm.