Two new Galileo Satellites

Two new Galileo Satellites
17.05.2024 spaceopal-GmbH

Two new Galileo Satellites and Launch and Early Operations activities completed

A few days ago, a significant milestone in the advancement of European satellite navigation programme has been achieved: the launch of two new Galileo satellites.

The spacecrafts departed successfully on April 28th at 00:34:54 and started to provide successfully telemetry to and receive telecommands from the control centre (GCC-D in Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany) within 3 hours from lift-off.

The Launch and Early Operations Phase (LEOP) for both spacecrafts (Patrick and Julina) has now been efficiently completed on the 13th of May and are entering its in-orbit testing before being inserted into service.

Spaceopal, as the Galileo Service Operator, is very proud of being an enabling actor for ensuring the sustainability of Galileo Services:  together with DLR GfR and Telespazio we jointly conducted with professionality and dedication the LEOP activities, ensuring a smooth transition of the Galileo satellites from launcher separation to the final operational destination and services to be provided.

We are committed to serve Europe by contributing to the continuous improvement of Europe’s Satellite Navigation Infrastructures and Services.