Preparation for Launch


Preparation for the Launch of Alba and Oriana
20.08.2015 spaceopal-GmbH

Preparation for the Launch of the Galileo satellites 9 and 10

In the night from 10th to 11th September, the time has come again – at 3am the next two Galileo FOC satellites are carried into orbit by Soyuz rocket from the South American Space Centre Kourou.

The Preparations are in full swing. The highly experienced teams prepare for the launch of the new satellites, through various test and simulation campaigns.

On 24 July 2015, the two satellites “Alba” and “Oriana”, named after the children who won the European Commission’s own Galileo painting contest in 2011, already reached the European Space Centre in Kourou and continue to be prepared on site for the Launch.

The Galileo Control Centre will become the largest navigational satellite operator in Europe, with the success of Launch number 5 as well as comprising a total of 10 satellites in orbit.

Follow the launch live on the ESA Webpage here.

© Image: CNES ARIANESPACE Optique Video du CSG, P. Baudon