1st year of successful GSOp Galileo Service Operations

1st year of successful GSOp Galileo Service Operations
01.07.2018 spaceopal-GmbH

1st year of successful GSOp Galileo Service Operations

Following a transition period in the first half of 2017, Spaceopal is now pleased to celebrate its first year of successful Galileo Service Operations in  the frame of the GSOp contract.

Since July 1st  2017, Spaceopal assumed full responsibility for the operational services and the performance of Galileo, the European Union’s global satellite navigation system: the operations and control of the system, the network, its security, logistics and maintenance of the systems and infrastructure, the user support services, system support services such as the time and geodesic reference service as well as the in orbit testing of the satellites.

Fully focused in Service Delivery, Spaceopal is the key actor for the GSA in providing today continuously and reliable Galileo Services in the frame of Initial Service Declaration.

Spaceopal carries out these activities through the two Galileo Control Centres in Fucino, Italy and Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany, as well as the GNSS Service Centre in Madrid, Spain and a network of sites and stations distributed around the globe and interconnected by the Galileo Data Dissemination network (GDNN).

In this first year of the GSOp contract, Spaceopal has achieved:

• Transition from the Galileo FOC Operations Services Framework Contract (WP6) to the Galileo Service Operations Contract (GSOp)

• GDDN migration to a new service provider

• GNSS Service Centre operations Provision of support services to the end user

• Final insertion in service for 2 Galileo satellites  on August 2017

• Galileo Time Service Provider (TSP) entering into operational service as replacement of previous TVF service

• Galileo Reference Service Provider (GRSP) successfully migrated to a Spaceopal managed provision

• Launch and Early Orbit execution for another set of 4 Galileo Satellites, Commissioning & IOT phase is currently on-going


Today 22 satellites are serviced in orbit and the current activities are concentrated on the next planned launch this month carrying another 4 satellites on Ariane V as well as targeting in parallel the insertion into Galileo service of additional four satellites already launched and commissioned.

Spaceopal is proud to continue to provide to the GSA and the European Union best quality Galileo service operations following the long-term contract with ESA, for which it received, last January, a honored recognition for the successful Galileo satellite deployment and delivery of initial services.