The New Year brings Spaceopal a new CEO

The New Year brings Spaceopal a new CEO
22.01.2018 spaceopal-GmbH

The New Year brings Spaceopal a new CEO


Starting from January 1, 2018 it is a pleasure welcoming former Technical Director Paolo Minciacchi now as Spaceopal’s new Managing Director in the role of Chief Executing Officer (CEO).

With the end of the year 2017, former CEO Giuseppe Lenzo has left the company to assume new important responsibilities within Telespazio Spa, one of the shareholder companies of Spaceopal. Paolo Minciacchi has been working for Spaceopal since March 2011 and is now taking over Mr. Lenzo’s responsibilities as CEO. We welcome Mr. Minciacchi in his new role and duties in the company.

Paolo Minciacchi is originally from Rome where he started his career working for Telespazio following the completion of his engineering studies at the university La Sapienza in Rome. After different positions in Telespazio on projects such as ITALSAT, SAX, SICRAL and EUTELSAT, he was appointed Head of Operational Planning, Industrial Management and Value Added Production in e-geos S.p.A. (a Telespazio and Italian Space Agency Company). In March 2011 Mr. Minciacchi joined Spaceopal as Technical Director with combined function of the Galileo WP6 and later GSOp Deputy Project Manager. In the past, Mr Minciacchi worked successfully and cooperatively together with our Chief Operating Officer Mr. André Bauerhin on the Bid Management for the GSOp contract.

In continuing for Spaceopal as one of the Managing directors together with the COO Mr. André Bauerhin the company has a new strong team who can continue growing and evolving the company in the coming years.

Paolo is succeeding Giuseppe Lenzo, who worked as CEO for Spaceopal since January 2015. We thank Giuseppe Lenzo for his significant contributions to Spaceopal’s success for the last years and wish him all the best for his new tasks at Telespazio.

André Bauerhin, Spaceopal COO, states: “I am pleased to be working with Paolo and the company is taking benefit of his array of skills and expertises. I am looking forward about the direction we are jointly taking for the future of Spaceopal”.