NAVCAST – New Site is Live

NAVCAST – New Site is Live
13.02.2020 spaceopal-GmbH


NAVCAST, Spaceopal’s Precise Point Positioning (PPP) service is evolving and so does its website. The service is progressing and NAVCAST users are participants. This is the reason why a new site for NAVCAST has been created, full of new features that will help to make better use of NAVCAST services.

NAVCAST performance can be observed in real time. Either you can see user position errors (in the XYZ axis) or the quality of orbit and clock corrections which are generated for Galileo and GPS satellites.

Users are closer to experience the decimetre position thanks to two new features: NAVCAST multi-sensor module and the NAVCAST APP.

The NAVCAST receiver prototype computes the PPP position to use it in your car, drone or robot. The new site contains a dedicated page for the NAVCAST receiver to let users show interest on the new receiver. And the team will contact you to provide support to start using the NAVCAST service in this new-brand receiver.

The NAVCAST smartphone app is already in our hands. It will permit to retrieve and utilize the NAVCAST corrections with your Android phone, either using the smartphone internal receiver data (depending on the smartphone technology) or to interface to the NAVCAST receiver.

NAVCAST streams will soon incorporate ionospheric corrections that will help to reduce solar and ionospheric impact in the signal. The Ionolab tool, part of the NAVCAST suite tool, is currently generating the ionospheric maps and augmentation data to improve position accuracy. The new site gives access to registered users to download ionex files, generated every hour.

Explore the new website and benefit from NAVCAST service with the new features!